Patrick Norse May 20, at 5: I’d also suggest a db reading app so you can look directly at the tables. Are those Tasker issues or is it another program to use or…? Since you’re rooted, you can use a terminal application from the Google Play store or the Tasker action RunShell to execute linux commands. I have no idea about sqlite and shell commands. Pent No, don’t put effort in yet! Mike Miller lock I’m not sure what that is, so let’s say no.

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To unsubscribe from this topic, visit https: Right now, I’m running some longer tests with my Cell Near tasker 1.3u1 enabled and disabled to see if I 1.3y1 confirm my suspicions. Jenny Hawkins You’d do a shell command from tasked, under scripts. The query should be in quotes, and use single quotes around things that are not SQL variables. With it you can run a SQL statement through the run shell action in tasker and store the results in a variable.


If it doesn’t work after the update I’ll need you to put tasker 1.3u1 in then, and I don’t want you to be jaded already: May 20, at 5: There’s a workaround for an Android problem related to Cell Near, it’s probably that not being turned off somehow. Your Android phone runs tasker 1.3u1 version of Linux. Search All Groups Android tasker.

On May 20,at 1: Time to learn some new skills. Pent No, don’t put effort in yet! Check calendar for appointment taskfr specific time? Will triple check the code. On Jul 26, 6: Search All Groups Android tasker.

Clay Shooter Jul 23, at 7: It appears for some reason that Tasker tasker 1.3u1 detect an orientation change when the phone is PIN locked. Patrick Norse May 20, at 5: You taskef clear all entries in call logs, but an specific entry. I really appreciate that. Cant u add an action on Tasker set pref and enable or disable the ace. Note that even if you tell Tasker to keep the accelerometer on, Android might turn it off anyway to save power.


There is a sqlite debugger app on the play store you can use to refine your SQL statement. For more options, visit https: Oh well, I’ve put some shouldn’t-really-be-necessary extra checks in, fingers crossed.

Export App failing – ‘4. convert drawables to builtin error: failed’

If it was, I’d like to have it erased from the logs. Patrick Norse Hey thank you. On Monday, 20 May Pent 2 Nuno Mendes 1 Clay Shooter 1. Since upgrading from v1.

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You’d do a shell command from tasked, under scripts. Urk, that’s bad news. No, don’t put effort in yet!