Select a specific match, or let it automatically display the next match. Scoreboard New Use the scoreboard to display the latest scores and upcoming games. Tweak — Add linebreaks to substitute dropdowns. Localization — Additional legacy country code for Greece. Build a classic sports website with a modern twist.

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Looking for more advanced sports functionality? Feel free to search the WordPress Plugin Repository and find out for yourself firsthand.

Feature — Dedicated option to redirect team pages to site URL. Tweak — Return zero instead of error if dividing by zero. Sportspress PRO is amazing, it has all that I need and the team behind it is really great.

Tweak — Remove underline from icon links in frontend stylesheet. Tweak — Stronger connections between leagues, seasons, and teams for automatic player lists. Facebook Page widget Add a Facebook widget to embed and promote each team. Fix — Decimal places being dropped from player list statistics. Feature — Automatically re-order competitions, seasons, venues, sportspress pro, and jobs by slug. Use the intuitive drag-and-drop equation builder to create your own custom equations to calculate statistics for your sport.


Fix — Error sportspress pro event results if team was deleted.

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Detailed match stats Get more insight by displaying a breakdown of each team’s statistics per event. Feature — Add option to display full time sportsoress event details.

Fix — Player list default sportsprese issue. Each role gives different permissions and restrictions of what a user can do within your site. Fix — Reverse form array to display events in chronological order.

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Subscribe to our YouTube channel. Fix — Javascript error in icon mode box scores. Tweak — Remove horizontal scrolling in dashboard to fix hidden dropdowns. Tweak spirtspress Hide squad number from defense box score.

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The only advice is to make a roll back plugin. Fix — Mismatched encoding of included library. Instantly rebrand the dashboard with your own logo and colors. Sponsors Attract sponsors by offering them advertising space on your website.

Tweak — Enable mixing performance and statistic column sportspress pro. Fix — Error when editing league tables in PHP versions earlier than 5. Fix — Player lists for all teams not appearing in team edit screen. Which sports does it support? Intuitive software built by our most experienced developers. Select a team to highlight in each league table, to make it easier to see where you team is in the standings. Tournament brackets Easily create visual and sportspress pro knockout cup and tournament po.


Multiple layouts Display events in calendar, blocks, sportsprezs list, or scoreboard layouts, each with a unique look and feel. Getting started guides Our beginner-friendly documentation will show step-by-step instructions on how to set up your new sports team site from start to sportspress pro. Display head-to-head comparison charts in events to show a breakdown of statistics per team. Set up your league tables and SportsPress Pro will keep them updated.