Thank you very much for developing this program! Many thanks for this detail now it is working fine in nokia N95 8gb but it not working in im clients and mobile dialer it showing error registration failed. OK, here we go then. But my browser says “no data packet connection”. I’ve been wanting this BT ICS to run since last year, but with the complex instruction of gnubox, I stopped looking for alternatives.

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But all data will go through the proxy, not gprs.

Same error with Hiisi. My S60 phone is dead and I switched over to webOS! Hm, have you ever tried using GnuBox or HiisiProxy? That is, i want to share internet on my laptop and want to use internet in my samsung impression.

Needs internet on mobile from pc’s internet

Step 1 First create a new acces point: OK, I did some more tests on XP: I’m not really familiar into it sorry. I was using Windows vista. With “native stack” I refer to the Microsoft Stack that is built into Windows. Open Notepad and drag and drop Pihatonttu.


Client disconnects pdoxy now correctly detected, no need to restart the server on client disconnect. What PyS60 are you running on which phone? Also, I noticed there isn’t SSL support, right? If you see the screen as below, you actually did it. What OS are you using XP is still untested? Unfortunately, I’ve never experienced a problem like yours.

Hiisi suite for pc download

I recently got a new Cell Phone: If not, check it out at http: However, as there are hiisi suite proxy for pc many different models out there, I can’t tell you the different caveats of each model. Ang big thanks pdoxy your efforts. However, I came up with an idea and will probably release a new testing version soon.

Why is this issue going on? Anyway thanks for the app, i hope you can fix it and make it works right. Then, in the same windows: Hi, How can i connect my mobile to my PC’s internet through bluetooth. Now press back two times suiite exit and save the new acces point. I was successful to a certain extent. Honestly, I just accidentally came up with lroxy site for desperately wanting Hiisi and Gnubox to run.


Hiisi Suite – HTTP proxy server suite for mobile phone and PC | My Technology

A message came up on my PC stating that the mobile has successfully connected to Port Sorry this didn’t help. Client disconnects are now correctly detected, no need to restart the server on client disconnect Client: Sorry for my english.

So, to work around it, you need to copy the Access Point name APN from your provider’s “Internet” connection type, and create a new one with these settings, only setting the IP address and proxy to Nice to be the first commenter on your application.