Even skin pigmentation was an issue, light-skinned niggas versus dark-skinned niggas. Nothing is going to happen. Latest in Local Music Bands to watch: They are somewhat more affluent than many East Side enclaves, which are considered poorer, more meager areas. Dozens leave their seats. He also likes jewelry. And the Detroit Police Department reported last month that, while overall crime in the city is down, gun violence has spiked.

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Detroit, MI Main: A number of performers have boasted of violent lives before finding success through their art. Blade Icewood was from the West Side and associated with a hardcore rap group called the Street Lordz that also had a claim to the Chedda Boyz name.

Say you had a girl who lived over there, you made it. Readers also liked… The final installment in Dabrye’s trilogy was worth the wait Feb 14, Police do not discount the role this decades-old eastside chedda boyz between East and West may have played into the shootings that claimed Wipeout and Roberson, and left Blade clinging to life.

But Detroit has its eastside chedda boyz neighborhood outfits.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This suggests that he was trying to get his life together, Wilson says. Two men approached and opened fire. After Blade’s death, the family of the rapper founded Icewood Entertainmenta record label in honor of the fallen Detroit artist.


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Murder rap

The Street Lordz then released a second album, Platinum Masterpiece. He also likes jewelry. An expert on urban family development, Taylor argues that, on the other hand, hip hop is unfairly criticized. Niggas on East Side had lots of gangs. They are somewhat more affluent than many East Side enclaves, which are considered poorer, more meager areas. Others have fallen victim to violence before they had the chance to gain celebrity. January 2- 8, Besides, she eastsdie, most of them are not eastside chedda boyz.

Blade Icewood

Metro Times 30 E. In their music, both groups rapped about the bboyz street-oriented topics — life in the hood, money and materialism, sex and violence. He jokes, telling the congregation that he, like many of them, led a life once that involved crack cocaine. Wilson asks the congregation to look at a photograph of Caddell on the eastside chedda boyz page of the obituary.

Tens of thousands of records were said to have been sold. Then a young man walking down the aisle after viewing the body staggers, dips, seeming to nearly faint.

Murder rap | Local Music | Detroit | Detroit Metro Times

He is shown cheedda down, apron draped around his neck, with a car parked behind him. No Crips Detroit has never been the home to the kind of all-encompassing urban gangs that are associated with the roots of gangster rap in places like Los Angeles — with its infamous Crips and Bloods — in the s.


Rap, unfortunately, is no stranger to violence. At some point, we need you to come home. DetroitMichiganUnited States. A look at the frustration that grips many Detroit communities — despair brought on eastside chedda boyz part by high unemployment, poor education and a weak economy — may help outsiders understand how a man can lose chsdda life over a marketable name, or an expensive chain. Carl Taylor, a Detroiter who teaches sociology at Michigan State University, are associated with exstside lifestyles.

Blade Icewood – Wikipedia

August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Outside, there are at least four eastside chedda boyz police cars stationed at corners near the church. One of the major trends of the last year has been provocative songs that are reflective — even religious — and that challenge the stereotypes of rap itself.