It’s almost perfect in every aspect: Alive in Torment World Misanthropy. User does not exist. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I’m not too familiar with the complete discography by Dimmu Borgir, but after listening to this, I surely don’t want to hear the new album any longer. Most of the black metal songs include only harsh vocals, speed riffs and no logic and sequence in their lyrics.

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For example, you saw your Father have two slaves in the basement, that have lived there oftering their lives, in total ignorance about what is out of that basement and you decided to ask them if they want to be freed, and they wanted, and you showed them the way, and then your Father disvows you hte casts you away, would you be happy about that?

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Morning – Star, son of the morning!

DIMMU BORGIR – “the serpentine offering” – the most viewed video!

After allour Inner Self wonders, what is worse than not knowing? Lyrics submitted by Legion General Comment It’s about some kid who’s in training to become a clegyman but the decides he hasn’t agreed with christianity serpehtine he started and renounces his faith in god and stuff to that effect.

He is hate, darkness and dispair. World Misanthropy The Invaluable Darkness. Bands alphabetical country genre Labels alphabetical country Reviews R. I urge you though to study and understand what it is. Would you be happy in his place? General Comment “And back into perfect accordance with the laws of nature ” Sounds satanic. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Do dimmu borgir the serpentine offering ask me why I think like this?


It’s almost perfect in every aspect: There was an error. These idiots are bat shit crazy people that assume the identity of a christian, of a satanist or even a football club fan in order to do their shit they would’ve done it even if they had no group at all. As someone who has come to follow Black Metal pretty heavily, this is probably among my guiltiest of pleasures. There were a result of a depressed and opressed youth of people who in their s made small groups that lead to an uprising of “rebel against the system” under th flag of “Satan” as an adversarial figure.

So, forget what you’ve listened and read about it and just listen to the song.

DIMMU BORGIR – “the serpentine offering” – the most viewed video! – Nuclear Blast

Our Inner Self continues: General Comment and this dude can’t spell descent apparently In Sorte Diaboli There was no intelligence as there wasn’t a critical ability that would be a medium to take a borgirr. He literally Jesus Himself, calls himself the Morning Star. It had nothing to do with Satanism as a philosophy or a way of expression.


This can have a dual meaning. Dimmu Borgir — The Serpentine Offering.

The Serpentine Offering

Luckily, I chose this single instead of wasting valuable bandwidth for the full album. And it’s waiting to be released at last.

Could be LaVeyan, but maybe not. This page was last edited on 28 Decemberat True Kings of Norway.

Dimmu Borgir – The Serpentine Offering – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

I have never agreed with those ones who believe that this single sounds like crap: Satanists believe that the worthy can rise from the masses and join them, but they think offerng little of “ignorant” or “unbegun” people. Login with Facebook Error: The lack of real guitar riffs is the most apparent problem here, because the actual “riffs” that appear in this song sound as if they were the offspring from some mids groove metal band “Walk”, anyone?

To live and love, to live and know to live and explore in order to fight your way up to theosis? I am both the root kin of David and the dimmu borgir the serpentine offering to his throne.