The play displays close interlinking of caste, gender and religion in subtle and significant ways. His non — conformism was more radical and consistent that made him a fearless critic of social practices and religious beliefs such as denunciation of caste system, the world denying streak of ascetics, the role of priest, etc. Anonymous February 1, at Anonymous April 5, at In a battle of magical chants and spiritual power, Prakriti comes to a realization that love can never be forced or possessed. His masterpieces — Urubhanga and Dutavakya and Karna are known for their intensity and dramatic style.

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Only in the penultimate scene does she realize her guilt at making a person suffer against his wishes.

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Prakriti, an untouchable woman, lives at the fringes of her society with her mother. If you think that’s too much to do Anonymous April 5, at Bharata ascribed a chandalika by rabindranath tagore origin to drama and considered it as the fifth Veda.

Ananda rabindrantah to the Buddha to save himself from this shame and remorse. Anger against a social status imposed upon her to which she finds herself shackled for life, and love, for a monk who respects and acknowledge her tagoe a human being.

For this she got undeservingly selfish and victimized the encourager. These are the rules, norms and values, and parameters of the society. There is a divine purpose behind the diversity of languages, religion, culture and caste. Read my inspirational articles here: Society is a grinding machine. This powerful attribute of drama has been employed by playwrights over the ages to make constructive commentaries on the happenings in society and thus affect some positive changes in man and his environment.


She got a strong means to fight with the giant casteism in chandalika by rabindranath tagore monk. The characters’ names – Prakriti, Mother and Ananda – are unmistakable symbols unraveling the action of the play. The pre — independence era saw some stalwarts like Rabindranath Tagore, Sir Aurobindo, Harindranath Chattopadhyaya and Bharati Sarahi, who contributed substantially to the growth and development of Indian English drama.


Mousham Dhakal July 7, at 6: The theme of the play Chandalika is the realization by a chandal girl that she is a human being like others, and that it is a mistaken on her part to think herself beneath the notice of human beings who belong to upper castes. He felt that it was one of the darkest spots degrading humanity in the estimation of the civilized world and if not foiled it would remain an everlasting shame and agony.

Tagore’s Chandalika as a social drama. Chandalika by rabindranath tagore we have to accept it until some trendsetters appear. Kumar S January 23, at 2: The moth-eaten cruel Hindu casteism was responsible for her untouchability, which had made her defiant to criticize and ignore it. And may God Help You!

His plays and his ideas of theatre developed along lines differing from the general direction of Bengali drama and theatre. He has given the world profound spiritual vision of life.

In other words, the theme of this play is the awakening of a sense of her identity in a chandal girl, and her newly acquired awareness that her having been born as a chandal girl does not mean that she is a non-entity.


Through her dance movements Chandalika articulates her anger and love. Because, let’s face it, bros chandalika by rabindranath tagore sissys With his acute sensitivity and worldwide experience, he perceived its insidiousness with greater clarity than any other Indian.

Her love for that man chanralika from her new knowledge, imparted to her by him, that she is a human being. This means a lot! This small incident sparks a new self-realization in Prakriti.

Tagore’s Chandalika as a social drama | gayathry ramesh –

Chandalika realizes her true identity: In fact, the problem of untouchables is not rabinddanath religious convention but it is a part of binary system that existed at the center of social system chandalika by rabindranath tagore — poor, male — female, east — west, elite and subaltern involving the politics of subjugation. The discrimination in the society on the basis of caste has its roots in traditional social conventions, deep — rooted blind orthodoxy and the monopoly of ruling class over economic resources.

Since they were forced to remove all dust and dirt of Hindus, they were damned as untouchables.